A downloadable Acceptably Okay for Windows

Run and escape, only the fast and precise will survive.
Use your rocket arm to navigate and push you through the levels.

Too slow and you will perish, but don't be too fast, one wrong slip and you will be doomed to repeat the level.

Sometimes its better to shoot below you, then navigate using [A] and [D].
The Glider is very useful [Space Bar].
To Wall jump use the Glider and shoot below you at an angle.
Recommended using [EASY] setting on your first attempt.

Power UP [Rocket]
Allows you too infinitely fire rockets for a small time period.
Power UP [Lightning].
Allows your speed to increase for a small time period. [Stack-able].

Created by
Stanley Barrett

Contact Details
arcboy1994@gmail.com | 0212159544 (New Zealand)

Install instructions

1. Download the Game File.
2. Click to Play Excecutable.


Rocket Run.exe 8 MB