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The scene is based around the fox, the area is a junker town-esque scrap yard that the fox has taken refuge in, the scene is meant to show some of the scrappiness of human remains and the fox represents the comfortable existence of nature within the abandoned human environment which the fox has taken host of. I want the fox to be the focus of the scene, and the scene to feel believable as a previous human based environment which is now adopted by the fox. The overgrowth of foliage and plants within the scene will represent the absence of human presence and the take-over of nature in the area, that the fox brings with it.


Link to sketchfab models of a few of the core assets within the scene.
(Compiled the core assets into the same OBJ with different materials to show multiple in sketchfab at once).

(Unfortunately don't have time to setup the materials correctly with PBR in sketchfab as I exported my materials packed for UE4 using R/G/B channels to save on texture space).



Stanley_FoxRoom.zip 232 MB
FoxScene Development Log.pdf 5 MB

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